How To Install Repack Games?

Problem of Installing Repack Games?

Watch this video

Guide: On the VIDEO (Example the game was “Trials Evolution”

  1. Download the game from the download link.
  2. EXTRACT the game by using WinRAR on “Computer/(C:) or (D:) folder then the “Trials Evolution/name of the games folder”.
  3. DELETE the RAR file of the Trials Evolution Repack game.
  4. OPEN the “setup” icon than IMG files then INSTALL by accepting the terms then you will choose where to locate the game files. (The game was installed on (C:)/Program Files/Trials Evolution).
  5. OPEN the game on the folder: “(C:)/Program Files/Trials Evolution”.
  6. OPEN the “BUILD” folder then OPEN the “trialsFMX” or game icon.


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