PPSSPP Emulator: Free PSP Games Download for PC Full Version Download




PPSSPP is an emulator that can run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution, and play them on Android too. It can even upscale textures that would otherwise be too blurry as they were made for the small screen of the original PSP.

How To Play PSP Games using PPSSPP Emulator on your PC/Android phone?

Emulation / Settings

Interpreter / Disable “JIT (Dynarec)” option: In computer science, an interpreter is a computer program that executes, i.e. performs, instructions written in a programming language. It’s a very slow type of emulation and mostly useful for debug, but should work anywhere. *option only applied after a reset*

Dynarec (JIT) / Enable “JIT (Dynarec)” option: stands for Dynamic Recompiler. This is also the so called JIT (Just in Time compiler). The idea is to recompile part of the program during execution (in this case, from the original MIPS from PSP to the target architecture). Much faster than interpreter and the default, recommended mode for supported architectures (x86 and ARM, for now). *option only applied after a reset*

Options / Settings

Buffered Rendering: the PSP can render to any location in its VRAM and use as either the scanout buffer (what you see on the screen) or textures. Many games use this to implement special effects, or simply to implement 30fps (you need to show the same buffer twice). We simulate this by allocating an OpenGL FBO for every PSP framebuffer location.

Disabling it is a speed hack, that may or may not speed up some games, and may cause graphical artefacts and/or screen flickering. Another effect of disabling this option is that you lose the ability to do 2x supersampling.
Hardware Transform: uses vertex shaders to do T&L on the GPU instead of doing it in software on the CPU. It should be identically visually to SW transform but it isn’t, there are some small differences between the implementations. It’s faster depending of the GPU.

Linear Filtering: a simple filter that smooths the picture. Basically forces bilinear filtering on all graphics. May cause artifacts but also smooth out HUD and 2D.
Simple 2x SSAA / doesn’t exist on SDL version: a simple Super Sampling Anti Aliasing 2x algorithm. Reduces aliasing from picture, needs a relative powerful GPU, especially on higher resolutions. Disable if you’re having performance problems. Requires Buffered Rendering.

Use VBO/Draw using Stream VBO: another way to send dynamic vertex data to the GPU. It doesn’t seem to give much of a speedup, it’s just an experiment.

Vertex Cache: an optimization, that makes things faster and in turn might miss some changes in geometry – though PPSSPP do it best to make it reliable there are some edge cases it can miss. Deactivate if you see strange graphical glitches.
Frameskip / Frameskip (beta) *only appears on in-game settings*: activates frameskipping, may or may not give you a better performance. For now, it somewhat negates the Buffered Rendering option, so you may see graphical artefacts and/or screen flickering even with Buffered Rendering on.

If the performance is limited by the GPU or GPU emulation, frameskip may help. If performance is limited by CPU emulation / HLE / in general anything else, it probably won’t help. So it depends not only on hardware but also on the game. And definitely could also depend on drivers.

Use Media Engine: all it does is control whether HLE functions return -1 or attempt to work. If the game is not calling sceMpeg* functions, the option shouldn’t have any affect.

Some games may hang with this option off, others may hang with this option on, your mileage will vary.
Fast Memory (dynarec, unstable) / Fastmem (may be unstable): simply assumes that all memory accesses the game does are valid, and thus skips some checks, gaining a bit of speed. Of course, if a game does an invalid memory access, the whole emu will crash as a result. *option only applied after a reset*

Ignore illegal reads/writes / doesn’t exist on SDL version: debug feature, can be ignored.






  1. Click on the download button above.
  2. Wait 5 seconds then click Skip Ad.
  3. Download the file and support!


1. Download your PSP emulator


2. Next is download this and put in your ppsspp folder “UltamateSolutionsPCPPSSPP


3. You can download some PSP Roms (ISO.CSO)


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