Tricks: Sign into Multiple Accounts on the Same Website with Firefox


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You must know the pain when you want to sign into two or more accounts on one website with the same browser at once. If you have logged into one account on a website, to access another one on the same website, you cannot just open another tab or new browser window without logging off the current one.

But you need to separate your private life from business, so when you are not able to log into some of them in the same browser, you choose to install different web browsers (e.g., Google Chrome, IE, Firefox). So is it possible to stay logged into multiple accounts at once and then even sign into another one?

Some add-ons can do that for Firefox users!

Multifox is the first Firefox add-on that enables you to log in to two or more accounts on the same website in only one Firefox browser window.
Once Multifox has been installed, you will see its icon on your navbar. Click on the icon and choose “New Identity Profile” or use the shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+M” directly to open a new window with a new profile, where lets you sign into another account quickly.

To avoid switching between accounts without having to login and logout, you can give CookieSwap a shot, which is another add-on that makes using multiple accounts on one website simple. By swapping the cookies that the websites make use of to know you, you can quickly switch between different accounts.
To use it, at first you should input two or more account usernames and passwords to CookieSwap, then whenever you need to login to another one, just click on the icon of CookieSwap and switch to another. Of course you can create a profile without any account information, which allows you to visit a website as a website visitor, without sign into an account.

Unlike Multifox, your cookies in all tabs of all your browser windows in Firefox will be changed once you have swapped profiles with CookieSwap, which means you cannot keep two or more accounts signed in at the same time, with two or more browser windows.

This is an add-on similar to Multifox. With CookiePie, you will find it really easy to open multiple accounts (such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter) in different browser tabs and windows. You can manage multiple logins well if you can make the best of it.

Easy Access
Easy Access is an add-on developed to help you access to the system commands and other programs in your computer.
With its “Switch Profile” feature, you can easily switch Firefox profiles, such as different Email account profiles.

When you try to login to the same service with multiple accounts (e.g., multiple Hotmail accounts, YouTube accounts, etc), all the add-ons for Firefox above prove pretty helpful.

If you are just a web developer and spend too much time on testing your developments that support multiple user roles, you can use them to do tests, simultaneously, without having to open a different browser and repeat between logins and logouts.

All of these add-ons are light on system memory usage, unless you open too many accounts at the same time.

Easy Access for Firefox

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