Tips: How to Get Notified when Someone Unfriends You on Facebook


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Facebook allows your friends to unfriend (or unfollow) you silently, without sending a notification to you. Then if your follow count on Facebook drops suddenly someday, you won’t know who has unfriended you.

We all know you will get worried when the number of friends you have on Facebook has changed, however it is hard to know why the change in Facebook’s friend list happens, manually. Fortunately, when we are talking about friends who have unfriended you, here are several tools that can help you monitor your friend list on Facebook and keep your online relationship health.

Unfriends Notify For Facebook
Unfriends Notify For Facebook is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that enables you to get notified whenever a friend on Facebook decides to unfriend you.uf

After adding this extension to your Chrome browser, log into your Facebook account and go to your Facebook profile, you will see a menu item named “Lost Friends” by clicking on “Friends”. All the friends who have unfriended you are listed here and you can check one by one.

This is an extension based on Chrome user, so you need to run your Chrome so that you can receive a notification if you lose an existing friend again.

Who Deleted Me
To track who unfriends you on Facebook, you can try this web based app called Who Deleted Me. Once you have logged into this app with your Facebook account information, it will start monitoring any change in your friend list.
Unlike Unfriends Notify For Friend, it sends notifications on a daily basis: Whenever someone unfriends or follows you, your list gets changed and an Email will be sent to you. If there is no change someday, you won’t receive anything.

Unfriend Alerts
Unfriend Alerts is another one we recommend to let your get alerted when someone has unfriended on Facebook.
It supports Google Chrome, Firefox and IE web browser on Windows. So once you have installed it, it will start monitoring and notify you if one of your friends removes you. If a friend in your friend list has deleted their Facebook account, you will get notified as well, just like the screenshot below:

On Facebook, by default the one who has been unfriended doesn’t get any notification message, so you won’t feel guilty even if you unfriend someone. However, for people who are worried about the change in their friend list, this is unfair to them.

So if you are also a Facebook user who likes to find out who unfriends you, try the tools mentioned above. All of them are effective tools that help keep track of any tiny change in the friend list of your Facebook, avoiding you to spend too much time on Facebook, just like the tools we’ve introduced before that let you get alerted whenever Facebook friends go online.

In a word, if you can make the best of them, you will find you are not addicted to Facebook anymore. Especially when you calculate the time spent on Facebook next time, the total time spent on this social networking platform has been reduced obviously.

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