Tips: How to Check If Your Password Was Stolen


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All web based services claim they are working hard to protect their users’ account security. But a fact is millions of stolen passwords for websites like Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn have been leaked on the web. On one hand you should force a website where you have created an account to takes your privacy seriously, on the other hand you need to take as many as security measures to keep your personal information more secure.

If your password has been compromised before, you must get worried about the security of your account information. What’s worse, whenever you face such a situation, you don’t know how to ensure whether your password has been stolen or not.
Fortunately, now a web based app called Have I Been Pwned has been released, to make it easy for you to check if one or more accounts are at risk. It collects data from the account leaks that occurred in recent years, including Facebook, Yahoo!, Sony, Gawker, Adobe, Snapchat and more.

To use Have I Been Pwned, just visit their official website, just enter your Email address or a username and click the “pwned?” button. Then it will start searching a leaked list of millions of compromised accounts. After a few seconds you will see whether your account is safe or not. If it shows you “Good news — no pwnage found!”, congratulations you are still in the clear. Otherwise, it is time to change your password!
In order to avoid any potential danger, you can choose to offer your Email and let it notify you whenever your account is compromised and your password has been stolen in the future.

Website LinkHave I Been Pwned

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