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If the title looks a bit peculiar to you, join the club. Major League Soccer has pulled off a coup to get affiliated with the best soccer video game franchise in the world. In addition to hundreds of international squads, you can now choose from 12 MLS teams to begin play. More than 250 MLS players ensure the distinct style of North American “futbol” for the first time in an EA Sports soccer game. Then again, people from Europe and Latin America would say this “distinct style” is a gentler term for “boring.”

Yes, international soccer may be more exciting to watch as a fan, but when it comes to playing on the virtual field, it’s fun no matter what country you choose because you control their destiny. Prove the world wrong by winning an international tournament with the NY/NJ Metrostars.

Good games always provide tons of variety and remain appealing for quite some time. In FIFA 2000, you get up-to-date rosters from 15 of the world’s top leagues, not to mention 40 more classic teams — a first for the franchise. If you do the math, that’s a lot of ballclubs and a ridiculous talent pool of players. Here are some of the timeless international squads in the game:

  • AC Milan 1988-1990
  • Argentina 1978
  • Barcelona 1989-1992
  • Bayern Munich 1974-1976
  • Denmark 1989-1992
  • Hamburg 1982-1983
  • Independiente 1972-1975
  • Liverpool 1977-1984
  • Manchester United 1968
  • NY Cosmos 1972-1975
  • Real Madrid 1950-1956

Pick two of the best teams in history or match a modern dynasty against an older one. You can even play an exhibition game between D.C. United of the MLS and the Brazilian national team from 1970. Simply put, there are almost no limits.

The AI is also better this time around. On advanced levels, opposing teams counter your moves if you use em too much. As a counter-attack, strikers can squeeze through defenders with the new shielding option. Press R1while you’re moving to protect the ball from incoming tacklers or when you’re about to receive a pass in a crowd. If you do it right, the only thing between you and the net is that goalie. Just deke him out and your team is on the board. If he deflects it out of bounds, set up the lob for a classic volley, bicycle kick or header. These are more advanced options, but very familiar to FIFA 99 aficionados. This game gives you plenty of ways to score- it’s up to you to learn the different techniques.









  1. Download and Open the files on WinRAR.
  2. Extract or Unrar the files on your desktop or in your programme files.
  3. Start by clicking the crack or application.
  4. Enjoy and Support!

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