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The third in the series (but the first on a Nintendo platform), Medal of Honor: Frontline places you in the role of Lt. Jimmy Patterson as you infiltrate the German frontline in hopes of stealing the HO-IX, an experimental German weapon with enough power to potentially change the course of the war. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this is based on real-life events.

In the first realtime cutscene, you’re placed in the first-person perspective of Jimmy Patterson. At first you can only move his head around to see the environment around you, with feet stuck in place. You’re truly a captive audience, passive to the events around you. In a matter of seconds, bullets fly from German towers, the sea smashes up against your boat, and before you know it, the nearest drop-ship is blown to bits, it knocks into your boat, pushing it off course. Quickly after, a bomb explodes your vessel, sending everyone overboard, and from underwater, you watch German bullets slaughter your squad. You are finally able to move and slosh toward the captain who gives you orders and the rest follows much like the first scene from the movie Saving Private Ryan. That’s just the beginning.

Although much more story and mission based than classic FPS games, Medal of Honor is a first-person shooter and does little to deviate from the path it lays forth. You essentially go from mission to mission, being briefed either by text or by voice-over, and kill everything you see. While certain missions require you to say, sabotage vehicles, or disarm bombs on a bridge, this amounts to little more than walking up to the object and pressing the A button, which acts as a generic context-sensitive action button.

But while the story plays a bigger role than in the good old FPS games of yore, the game is actually still very linear. There is only one way to go, and that is forward. No branching paths or choices to make. Sometimes you have to “figure” out what to do, but this is never really a problem. For example, in one mission your job is to meet up with an informant. You are in a room with the informant, but cannot talk to him freely because there are German soldiers standing around. So what do you do? You can walk around the room until you reach an object that causes an action button prompt to show up, telling you what to do — or you can press the back button which will essentially tell you what to do. Sure, this keeps things simple and the action moving, but some real decision-making would have been nice.






936full-medal-of-honor -frontline-screenshot





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  4. Enjoy and Support!


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    1. mattdevgames Post author

      Try run as administrator. I deleted this game 4 months ago but all I know is: If you are done extracting the files, check out the game folder then there is a application there called like a setup or game crack of medal of honor frontline, that app will run the files automatically and then game will run or show-up automatically and then that’s it. That’s my opinion.


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